FlashCORE III Universal Device Programmer

FlashCORE III Universal Device Programmer

The Industry's most trusted universal programming engine with tens of thousands of devices supported and over a billion devices programmed.

FlashCORE III Technology

Programming Systems with FlashCORE III

Keep your production processes running at maximum velocity for devices and files of any size using FlashCORE III programming architecture.  With optimized algorithms, FlashCORE III is used to program 100's of millions of devices and is trusted to keep tier one automotive electronics, wireless, consumer electronics, and industrial controls manufacturers running at peak production throughput.  FlashCORE III is expertly integrated into all of Data I/O's current manual and automated programming systems.

Key Benefits

  • Read/write speeds greater than 20 MBytes per second (80 Mbits/s) for capable devices
  • Download speeds at 10 MBytes per second over 100 Base-T Ethernet connection
  • 4 sockets per adapter
  • Configurable FPGA for optimized algorithms
  • Largest library of NAND Bad Block Schemes
  • Tens of thousands of devices already supported

Data I/O's Connected Strategy

Easily create and transfer job profiles throughout your firmware supply chain with our connected programming strategy with the FlashCORE Desktop.  Create a programming job on the FlashCORE Desktop for NPI and First Article jobs and transfer the same programming job for volume manufacturing on a PSV system.

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