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Data I/O* Products:

Security Provisioning Solutions:
SentriX®, SentriX® Upgrade Kit, PSV7000 with SentriX® Upgrade Kit, PSV5000 with SentriX® Upgrade Kit


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I 747836, I 741041, I 817930 (Taiwan)
ZL2016800517157 (China)
6756045 (Japan)


Programming Systems Solutions:
PSV7000, PSV5000, PSV3500, PSV2800, Lumen®X

9,870,487, 10,157,065, 10,303,891, 10,354,096, 10,095,210, 10,761,503, 10,572,427

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I 813601 (Taiwan)
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* “Data I/O” means Data I/O Corporation and its subsidiaries, including but not limited to Data I/O GmbH and Data I/O Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

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