Wireless Devices

Production Throughput, Security & Cost

Wireless and consumer electronics manufacturers build increasingly complex connected products including smart locks, connected white goods, and other consumer devices. New requirements to protect OEM IP, authenticate silicon, and enable cloud on-boarding for device management are challenging electronics manufacturers are new challenges for programming the latest Flash memory, secure microcontrollers, secure elements, and authentication devices. With high-volume production runs, short project durations, and complex security requirements there are constant pressures to meet production throughput, cost, and quality metrics.

High performance, flexible, and secure data programming and secure provisioning solutions for the lowest total cost of ownership

High Performance and Flexibility

  • Fast and scalable family of PSV programming systems
  • Support up to 112 sockets
  • Program and verify up to 160 MB/sec
  • Tens of thousands of devices supported
  • Simple, scalable, and cost-effective security provisioning solutions with SentriX®

Security Provisioning

  • Intuitive software tools for design to production collaboration
  • Pre-configured security use cases
  • Low-volume prototyping to high-volume production


  • Investments protection with extensible programming solutions
  • Flexible adapter options to maximize quality and cost
  • Lowest Total Cost of Programming



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