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April 9-11, 2024 | Booth 3107

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Don't miss this opportunity to explore high-performance, configurable automated device programming systems with industry 4.0 integration capabilities designed to elevate your factory efficiency and quality while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

What to Expect at the Data I/O booth:

PSV Family Automated Device Programming Systems:

  • Witness a 64% increase in programming performance on Lumen®X Programmers with VerifyBoost™ technology.
  • Explore the PSV family's advanced capabilities for high-performance and configurable device programming.

SentriX® Security Provisioning Platform:

  • Simplify security for mass production with pre-configured deployment profiles.
  • Customize security settings using SentriX Product Creator, ensuring protection for secrets and credentials.

ConneX® Software Application:

  • Experience two-way integration between Data I/O's device programming systems and your connected factory.
  • Enhance traceability, process analysis, and communication for improved efficiency and quality.

This is your chance to stay ahead in the world of device programming and security provisioning. Join us at IPC APEX Expo to witness firsthand how Data I/O's innovations can transform your manufacturing processes.


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