Fireside Chat: The Future of Semiconductors for Automotive and Electronics OEMs

July 13, 2022 | Categories: Insights, Fireside Chats

Fireside Chat: The Future of Semiconductors for Automotive and Electronics OEMs

Data I/O's Fireside Chat series; a collection of interviews between Data I/O CEO and President, Anthony Ambrose, and a selection of highly respected professionals within the investment and financial communities. These “Fireside Chats” cover important and timely topics relating to the company, its platform technologies and the global business environment. This second episode, The Future of Semiconductors for Automotive and Electronics OEMs, features Suji Desilva, CFA, who has nearly 20 years of institutional investment experience. Mr. Desilva is a Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at ROTH Capital Partners covering semiconductor companies. 

This interview covers several topics within the automotive semiconductor and electronics sector including how Data I/O came to be the leading supplier to Tier 1 manufacturers, which trends are poised for growth and how Data I/O will keep up with the demands of this quickly changing market. Also discussed are opportunities for Data I/O to capitalize on these trends by providing solutions for more complex security needs. 

“I have to say, electrification has moved faster than I thought it would. (...) Policy makers, governments and OEMs are all mandating more and more electrification. (...) And that's good for Data I/O because electrification drives huge increase in semiconductors for cars, probably double or triple what you would have on a standard internal combustion engine today. Hybrids have an electric powertrain and the standard powertrain, the melding and controlling of those systems drives a significant increase in semiconductor content, especially programmable content." - Anthony Ambrose

Future episodes will be announced via the Data I/O LinkedIn page as well as published on the blog. To see the full schedule and learn more about the series, click here.


Data I/O CEO, Anthony Ambrose, and Suji Desilva of Roth Capital discuss the future of semiconductors for automotive and electronic OEMs

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