Fireside Chat: Managing A Resilient Supply Chain

August 17, 2022 | Categories: Insights, Fireside Chats

Fireside Chat: Managing A Resilient Supply Chain

Data I/O's Fireside Chat series; a collection of interviews between Data I/O CEO and President, Anthony Ambrose, and a selection of highly respected professionals within the investment and financial communities. These “Fireside Chats” cover important and timely topics relating to the company, its platform technologies and the global business environment. This episode, the third in the series, Managing a Resilient Supply Chain, features Gene Inger, founder of the Inger Letter, a subscription-based stock market fundamental and technical analysis platform. 

This interview focuses on how supply chain management became a top priority at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic and which long-term strategies secured the best product availability and helped to mitigate severe price changes. Also covered is the status of semiconductor supply and demand, structuring global manufacturing and how Data I/O is planning the next phase of company growth over the next ten years. 

"(Supply chain shortages) have most definitely been a problem for us, specifically silicon components and sole-source parts. We realized early on inventory was going to become harder to get, so at the end of 2020 we extended our supply and purchase commitments. This helped us with availability and pricing of our products but what it’s really done has bought us time. So, instead of fighting about a price on something we need in two weeks we’re negotiating a price on something we need in two quarters. - Anthony Ambrose

Future episodes will be announced via the Data I/O LinkedIn page as well as published on the blog. To see the full schedule and learn more about the series, click here.


Data I/O CEO, Anthony Ambrose, and Gene Inger of The Inger Letter discuss what it takes to manage a resilient supply chain.

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