Fireside Chat: Data I/O 50 Year Anniversary, The Next 50 Years

November 28, 2022 | Categories: Insights

Fireside Chat: Data I/O 50 Year Anniversary, The Next 50 Years

Data I/O's Fireside Chat series; is a collection of interviews between Data I/O CEO and President, Anthony Ambrose, and a selection of highly respected professionals within the investment and financial communities. These “Fireside Chats” cover important and timely topics relating to the company, its platform technologies, and the global business environment. This episode, the sixth and final in the series, Data I/O 50 Year Anniversary - The Next 50 Years, features Maj Soueidan, President and Co-founder of GeoInvesting, LLC.

This interview focuses on Data I/O's invention of the first data programmer and how that system has evolved over the last five decades from manual to fully automated. Also covered is the typical customer engagement practice, the relationship between bookings and backlog, and how those figures help indicate growth potential. Other topics include equipment sales, longevity, and replacement cycle. 

"Data I/O has done is created a platform that allows customers to continue to innovate and upgrade with Data I/O technology without having to throw the machine away. For example, a PSV automated programming machine that was sold 10 years ago can be upgraded with the latest technology that new orders are receiving today. A Data I/O customer knows when selecting one of our systems they will never find themselves in a dead-end technology." - Anthony Ambrose

Future episodes will be announced via the Data I/O LinkedIn page as well as published on the blog. To see the full schedule and learn more about the series, click here.


Data I/O CEO, Anthony Ambrose, and Maj Soueidan of GeoInvesting discuss Data I/O's 50th Anniversary and what the next 50 years may bring.

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