LumenX Release

LumenX 1.8.9 Release

Keep your LumenX up-to-date for maximum performance and reliability with the latest LumenX Software. Our releases deliver new functionality, improved performance, and usability.

Highlights from LumenX 1.8.9 Release

New Features
⦁    Command Line Interface (CLI) now supports full file paths (in addition to Job Name)
⦁    Valid ConneX license for SentriX now required for running security provisioning jobs
⦁    Certain SentriX algorithms now support cryptographic key and keypair generation that are unique to each
      security provisioning job run
⦁    SentriX jobs can now use password-protected PEM files

⦁    New 16-bit checksum methods: Little Endian, Big Endian, CRC/CCITT-False
⦁    Improved responsiveness of Empty Socket Test (EST) when performing Read from Master
⦁    Enhanced serialization when Pass Count/Limit exceeds the number of serial numbers provided
⦁    Increased read performance of certain MCU algorithms when 2 or more regions are enabled
⦁    Improved compatibility of Version Control with all previous versions
⦁    Improved Status reporting when running jobs
⦁    All jobs now appear in the Jobs List by default (instead of non-archived jobs only)


System Requirements

LumenX 1.8 release for the PSV7000 requires customers to install AH2.6.0 software and higher on their PSV systems .  Please download and update your PSV system prior to running LumenX 1.8.9

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